Junior School

Junior School is for children aged two to twelve. The focus of Junior School is igniting passion for learning through play and exploration. Junior School classes are play and project based.

Parents of children enrolled in Core or Love of Learning class are required to stay on campus and assist during class time.

Junior School is divided into two phases:


approximately age 2 to 9

This phase emphasizes learning through play to build foundational concepts such as:

  • right and wrong

  • good and bad

  • true and false

  • relationships

  • family

  • accountability

  • value of work and play

Love of Learning

approximately age 9 to 13

This phase emphasizes a deep love for learning and experiencing how fun and rewarding learning can be. There is a desire to know "whats out there" and a fearless interest to tackle the unknown. Friendships are forged while exploring different curiosities and themes. Learning through play, projects, and experiences leads to more research, experimentation, and presentation.

Classes offered for the 2020-2021 school year include:

See Covid 19 Update for modified Fall 2020 Class Schedule

Morning Session

10:00 am - 12:00 Noon


(2-9 year old)

Created to give core phase children a safe and fun learning environment based on learning through play. Activities and stations include: circle time, books, active play, nature walks, literature based activities, crafts, free play, clean up, etc.

Core classes are divided into four age groups:

  • Tadpoles (2-4 years old) Lead Mentor: Kandice Johnson

  • Polliwogs (5-6 years old) Lead Mentor: Tara Norris

  • Toads (6-7 years old) Lead Mentor: Liz Horton

  • Bridge (8-9 years old) Lead Mentor: Amanda Lee

Love of Learning

(9-13 years old)

This project-based class will explore diverse themes throughout the year. We will cover such topics as American History, Astronomy, Weather, Machines (Goldberg and Kesler), and Circuits/Unplugged Coding. Each theme will last 4-5 weeks and have hands-on work for the students to experience. At the end of each theme, the students will share with the class a presentation they have prepared at home. The end of theme presentation and “student share” are not required, but exist to serve as a way for the students to get to know one another, provide opportunity for self-expression, and provide a chance for them to practice speaking in front of their peers.

Mentors - Jessica Canady, Sherri Guy, Leslie Casutt, TeriAnn Lewis

Afternoon Session

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Jr. School Explorers:

(2-13 years old)

This afternoon class will be exploring the world we live in and all things we are curious about. Specific topics and themes will emerge as we share what we love and build on our curiosity. We will have structured time for activities which may include “stations” for self-directed exploration through play with constructive toys, games, science, and art. We will also have free play time/outside time, snack time, and anything else the parents are inspired to share. This class may be split into smaller groups throughout the year depending on the needs of the class. As with all Jr. School classes, if your child is enrolled in this class, you will be expected to stay on campus and help as a rotation parent.

Mentors - Kandice Johnson & Rotation parents

Love of Learning Book Club:

(9-13 years old)

*Once A Month Class*

There is just something magical about discussing a story with our friends. In this project based class we will read books, at home, then meet once a month to discuss them, do hands on activities, and have a lot of fun together. Regardless of if you are a reluctant reader or a speed reader this is a class that you will want to be a part of.

Mentors - TeriAnn Lewis & Amanda Lee

Love of Learning Drama Club:

(9-13 years old)

*Once A Month Class*

Learn the terminology and techniques of the stage in this game-based club! In the first semester, we will focus on theater basics and improv, and in the second semester, focus on supporting the LOL play. Join us for lots of acting fun!

Mentor - Juliet Blosser (we are looking for an adult to help with this class)