Scholar School

Scholar phase is the natural transition that occurs in students, ages approximately 12 to 14, who have had a strong Core and Love of Learning phase, and ends around ages 18 to 19.   During the scholar phase a student begins to think more abstractly and transitions from needing strong guidance into a self-directed learner. This is accomplished through reading of classics in all different academic areas, in-depth discussion and writing about what they have learned, and mentored projects

Arlington Liber Academy's Scholar classes are offered based on four phases:

Transition Scholar

approximately age 12-13

This phase is characterized by a student who will move in and out of Scholar phase. A transition scholar will go back to Love of Learning for hours and sometimes days at a time. They usually need lots of movement and hands on activities.

Practice Scholar

approximately age 12-14

This phase occurs after fully transitioning out of Love of Learning. A student in this phase will want to move less and discuss more. A practice scholar is willing to work independently for short periods of time. They may also prefer to approach more than one subject at a time.

Apprentice Scholar

 approximately age 13-15

This is the phase where a student begins to see the value in collaborating with a mentor. They are willing to work independently for much of their day. They are ready to begin preparation to discover their personal mission and can appreciate the hard work involved in their education.

Self-Directed Scholar

 approximately age 14-17

In this phase a student is willing to devote many hours to study. They will seek out mentors to help them pursue their educational goals and personal missions.

Classes offered for the 2023-2024 school year include:

Morning Session

9:00 am - 11:00 am

(Only one of these classes may be taken during this block)

Eastern Tour of Cultures (ETC): 

(Enrollment minimum/maximum: 5-10)

Come make crafts, prepare food, and play games while learning about the people living on the opposite side of the world. Explore the many countries of Asia, Africa, and Oceania through cooking, art, games, reading, research, and presentations. Scholars should expect to read about one book per month, write one paper per month, and present once per semester.

Transition/Practice Scholar

Mentors: Rebekah Kowis & Dominique Whitmarsh

World History Through Art, Music, and Storytelling (WHAMS): 

(Enrollment minimum/maximum: 4-10)

How did art, music, and storytelling affect and shape the world we now live in? In this class we will not only learn about different historical eras, but we will also experience them through the arts - architecture, fashion, decorative, fine and performing arts. We will read a book related to and write about each time period; as well as do one presentation per semester.

Practice Scholar

Mentors: Kylee Compton & Marissa Miller

P.I.E.S Lifestyle (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Self Awareness): 

(Enrollment minimum/maximum: 3-8)

P.I.E.S. Lifestyle will focus on leadership skills and helping students evaluate their own personal lives with an emphasis on physical, intellectual, emotional, and self awareness. We will learn how to set goals and how to identify our personal genius. We will begin thinking about what impact we may have in the world one day and what steps we will need to take to get there. In the Spring semester we will be taking on a small class project where we can apply the different tools we learned in the Fall semester. Some possible books for this class would be: Tress and the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson, The Way They Learn by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias, Running with Sherman by Christopher McDougall, and Dealing with Difficult People by Gill Hasson. There will also be writing assignments but more along the line of journaling or short answer questions that will be shared with the class. This class is for students who are ready to learn more about themselves and how to be successful in a college or work environment.  

***There will be a mandatory parent, student, mentor meeting that is required for any student who is interested in signing up for this class***

Apprentice/Self Directed

Mentors: Angie Waite & Kandice Johnson

Club Hour: 

11:00 am - 12:00 pm 

Registration for Scholar Clubs will be done at Orientation.  Classes will be formed based on student interest.  Some options for Scholar Clubs include speech and debate, choir, sign language, board games, etc.

Afternoon Session

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

(Only one of these classes may be taken during this block)

The Shakespeare Experience: 

(Maximum: 25)

Join us for an all new way of looking at Shakespeare’s plays. In the first semester we will study three comedies both in their original format as well as their modern-day counterparts. We will also learn about the ripple effect that Shakespeare has had on our own lives. We will share our thoughts through discussions and acting simulations - all while having a blast. In the Spring semester, the class will have the opportunity to delve deep into a Shakespearean tragedy and improve their acting skills through the production of that play.  

This class extends to 4:00 during the spring semester.

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar

Mentors: Kandice Johnson, Amanda Lee, & Angie Waite


(Enrollment minimum/maximum: 3-6)

Let’s play games! We will exercise our brains with puzzles, strategies and problem solving. We will spend some time playing tabletop board games, card games, pencil and paper games and lawn games. We will even learn some things about ourselves and the world around us along the way.

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar

Mentor: Rebekah Kowis