Scholar School

Scholar phase is the natural transition that occurs in students, ages approximately 12 to 14, who have had a strong Core and Love of Learning phase, and ends around ages 18 to 19. During the scholar phase a student begins to think more abstractly and transitions from needing strong guidance into a self-directed learner. This is accomplished through reading of classics in all different academic areas, in-depth discussion and writing about what they have learned, and mentored projects

Arlington Liber Academy's Scholar classes are offered based on four phases:

Transition Scholar

approximately age 12-13

This phase is characterized by a student who will move in and out of Scholar phase. A transition scholar will go back to Love of Learning for hours and sometimes days at a time. They usually need lots of movement and hands on activities.

Practice Scholar

approximately age 12-14

This phase occurs after fully transitioning out of Love of Learning. A student in this phase will want to move less and discuss more. A practice scholar is willing to work independently for short periods of time. They may also prefer to approach more than one subject at a time.

Apprentice Scholar

approximately age 13-15

This is the phase where a student begins to see the value in collaborating with a mentor. They are willing to work independently for much of their day. They are ready to begin preparation to discover their personal mission and can appreciate the hard work involved in their education.

Self-Directed Scholar

approximately age 14-17

In this phase a student is willing to devote many hours to study. They will seek out mentors to help them pursue their educational goals and personal missions.

Classes offered for the 2022-2023 school year include:

Morning Session

9:00 am - 11:00 am

Exploring Literature is Fun (ELF):

(Enrollment maximum: 12)

This is a project based class in which students will read 1-2 books a month. They will discuss books and do projects/activities centered around them, with an emphasis of inspiring a love of literature in an encouraging and fun environment. We will introduce writing in this course with creative writing, opinion papers, and informational writing. The books will be a mix of classics and modern, in different genres, with some possibilities of books like A Christmas Carol, The Giver, Around the World in Eighty Days, and Book of a Thousand Days. All books chosen for the class will be available as an audiobook in order to be inclusive of all reading abilities. We will also be exploring other types of literature like fairy tales, short stories, and poetry.

Transition Scholar

Mentor: Liz Horton & Tina Harrell

Building America Great (BAG):

(Enrollment maximum: 10)

American History from 1865-1945. As we study this time period, we hope to find a connection between our country’s history and our own future. We will read fiction and non-fiction selections, have great discussions, simulations, and fun activities. We will build up our writing, speaking, oral presentation, analytical thinking, and memorization skills during this class. Together, we will discover what it takes to Build America Great!

Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar

Mentor: TeriAnn Lewis

Fantasy Literature & World Building (FLIT):

(Enrollment maximum: 10)

Join us as we read books that will transport us to new worlds filled with strange cultures, unusual languages, and fantastical adventures. By reading, discussing, writing, and watching different works of the fantasy genre we will be able to make connections and look at the world around us with a different perspective. Reading will be a key component. All selections will be available in audio format as well as in book form. Expect to spend 6-10 hours a week outside of class writing and enjoy books such as The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson and The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan.

Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar

Mentor: Rebekah Kowis


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Registration for Scholar Clubs will be done at Orientation. Classes will be formed based on student interest. Some options for scholar clubs include speech and debate, choir, sign language, board games, etc.

Afternoon Session

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


(No enrollment maximum)

In Stagecraft we will explore the magic of acting. We will learn techniques for improving self-confidence in a safe, playful environment through engaging exercises. We will work on overcoming stage fright, improving focus and concentration, and connecting with others through group games and trust exercises. We will explore character building through short scenes, monologues, movement exercises, and improvisation. We will also read and discuss several plays throughout the year. In the Spring we will show off our talents in a full stage production!

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar

Mentors: Kandice Johnson & Amanda Lee

Hands-on Astronomy:

(Enrollment maximum: 25)

A class designed to give students a hands-on enrichment look at astronomy. This class will be full of fun experiments, art projects, discussions, and discovery. We will chase the stars as we learn about astronomers of old all the way to the newest technology. There will likely be at least 1 field trip to the UTA planetarium and hopefully an evening meet-up to look at the actual night sky. There will be opportunities to present at-home discoveries based on the student's observations and book and movie lists that, though optional, will add another dimension to the student's enjoyment, knowledge and understanding of Astronomy. The universe is the limit!

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar

Mentors: Kylee Compton

Scholar Evening Club (Online)

Every Other Thursday, 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Generals of the American Revolution:

(Minimum enrollment: 4, Maximum enrollment: 10)

Liberty or Death! Learn about the history of the American Revolution by living it. Students will take on the roles of British and Colonial Army commanders (Washington, Greene, Arnold, Lee, Howe, Clinton, Cornwallis, Knyphausen, etc). They will make command decisions and essentially replay the American Revolution as a wargame. The game will be played outside normal classroom hours via google drive. Students are required to provide updates twice per week (roughly 15-30 minute time requirement for each update). While the game is occurring, we will have an online class every other week in the evening. In that class, we will discuss the actual history of the war and review historical battles, strategies, and decisions. The goal is that by discussing the war and then actually "living" it as a commander, the students have a much better understanding and appreciation of the American Revolutionary War.=

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar

Mentors: James Horton