Scholar School

Scholar phase is the natural transition that occurs in students, ages approximately 12 to 14, who have had a strong Core and Love of Learning phase, and ends around ages 18 to 19. During the scholar phase a student begins to think more abstractly and transitions from needing strong guidance into a self-directed learner. This is accomplished through reading of classics in all different academic areas, in-depth discussion and writing about what they have learned, and mentored projects

Arlington Liber Academy's Scholar classes are offered based on four phases:

Transition Scholar

approximately age 12-13

This phase is characterized by a student who will move in and out of Scholar phase. A transition scholar will go back to Love of Learning for hours and sometimes days at a time. They usually need lots of movement and hands on activities.

Practice Scholar

approximately age 12-14

This phase occurs after fully transitioning out of Love of Learning. A student in this phase will want to move less and discuss more. A practice scholar is willing to work independently for short periods of time. They may also prefer to approach more than one subject at a time.

Apprentice Scholar

approximately age 13-15

This is the phase where a student begins to see the value in collaborating with a mentor. They are willing to work independently for much of their day. They are ready to begin preparation to discover their personal mission and can appreciate the hard work involved in their education.

Self-Directed Scholar

approximately age 14-17

In this phase a student is willing to devote many hours to study. They will seek out mentors to help them pursue their educational goals and personal missions.

Classes offered for the 2020-2021 school year include:

See Covid 19 Update for modified Fall 2020 Class Schedule

Morning Session

9:00 am - 11:00 am

Mapping the Eastern Hemisphere :

(Enrollment maximum: 12)

An exploration of the countries and cultures of Asia, Africa, and Oceania, examining geography and worldviews. We will learn about the ways of life practiced on the other side of the world through cooking, art, crafts, reading, research, and presentations. Students should expect to read about one book per month for discussion, and do a presentation every one to two months.

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar

Mentor - Juliet Blosser

Keys and Swords of Liberty:

(Enrollment maximum: 8)

Students will gain an appreciation for the freedoms that have been fought for and be inspired to continue to preserve those freedoms. In the Fall, the students will study the Founding of America and the Constitution. They will get to know the great heroes that founded our country. In the Spring, they will be challenged with the prospect of that great freedom being destroyed by the difficult arguments of the great American Civil War. They will study battles and complicated issues during this time and learn about the great leaders that emerged. This class will require reading and studying various books and documents, writing weekly thought/opinion papers, simulations, projects, presentations, and memorizing the Declaration of Independence and Gettysburg Address. Students have the opportunity to earn a sword as they complete all the requirements

Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar

Mentor - Tina Harrell

Personal Interest Mission Project:

(Enrollment maximum: 10)

In the Fall we will learn to identify our learning styles, talents, and interests, as well as managing our time, research, set goals, and implement a plan of action; all through fun simulations and writing exercises. In the Spring, we will use that knowledge to accomplish one to three major projects. Reading for this class will include The Element, Anatomy of Peace, and supplemental articles throughout the year. This class will give you the support needed to learn and accomplish your missions are in life.

Self - Directed Scholar / (16yrs+ unless mentor approved)

Mentor - Angie Waite


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Registration for Scholar Clubs will be done at Orientation. Classes will be formed based on student interest. Some options for scholar clubs include speech and debate, choir, sign language, board games, etc.

Afternoon Session

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Theater Through the Ages:

(Enrollment maximum: 25)

We will read 13 plays from ancient times to modern and everything in between. In class we will discuss the scenes read that week, learn different terminology, and study different disciplines in theater (acting, play write, directing, and tech theater). Students will also give presentations for each discipline as well as perform a play at the end of the year.

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar

Mentors - Angie Waite & Kristen Marcroft


(Enrollment maximum: 12)

We each have our own unique ways of expressing the creativity within us, explored or not. In this class we will tap into our artistic abilities and learn new and creative ways to express them through the use of different mediums each semester. Our focus will be on fun, discovery, and freedom of imagination!

*Supply fee is $40 for this class. Additional supplies may need to be purchased outside of class.* The cost of additional supplies may range from $20-$90 depending on the quality of supplies and level of investment the parent/student are willing to make.

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar

Mentors - Kylee Compton & Rebakah Kowis

American Revolution Superheroes RPG:

(Enrollment maximum: 6)

*One Semester Class*

Patriots needed! Come fight for freedom in the American Revolution as a superhero. Students will learn to roleplay using the Savage Worlds roleplaying system and become more familiar with the history of the American Revolution. Students play in a campaign, as a character they created, that follows and impacts the events in the American Revolutionary War, but with super heroes!

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar

Mentors - James Horton & April Sellers